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Hi there, I’m DataGPT. Ask me anything about your data.
Hi there, I’m DataGPT. Ask me anything about your data.
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Enable Everyone at Your Organization with Immediate Answers to Critical Business Questions

Boost Revenue with Engaging Content

Analyze viewer preferences across multiple platforms to identify what content they are most likely to engage with and tailor content delivery accordingly.

Reduce Customer Churn

Accurately identify the right content and build targeted campaigns for different cohorts based on their viewing habits, demographics, and interests.

Optimize Marketing Spend

Ask DataGPT to identify which channels and campaigns successfully drive viewership.

Stay Ahead of the Competition by Empowering All Business Teams to Make Smarter, Faster Business Decisions

Rapid changes in consumer behavior have challenged media companies to adapt. The growing demand for digital entertainment and personalized content, coupled with the vast amount of data being collected, has created significant opportunities and challenges for utilizing this data effectively.

With DataGPT, you can drive the business forward more efficiently than ever before. By simply asking DataGPT any data related question, it will deliver expert level answers in seconds so you can quickly identify trends and preferences to drive revenue, user engagement, and ad sales.

"DataGPT feels like magic. I have never seen an analytics tool deliver the level of depth of insights so quickly and with such simplicity. Everyone on our team is now an analyst. I feel like we just tapped in to a massive competitive advantage in understanding and optimizing our business."

Ashley Higgins

CEO of Product Hunt

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The data you track, the dashboards you build, and the presentations you share, are only as good as their ability to empower everyone on the team to make informed decisions. With DataGPT, build a data-fluent organization so your teams make the right decisions, faster.

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