We are on a mission to empower every person, in every role, across all industries to use data to make important decisions.

Hi! I’m Sasha McKinnon, the CEO of DataGPT.

There is an unseen intellectual divide rapidly growing in the world right now. As data becomes abundant, analyzing all of it becomes increasingly time-consuming and expensive. Those who can afford it have an intellectual advantage – more analysis equals more thorough, more rational decision making and objectively better results.

The problem is without a large team of experts, thousands of man-hours, and millions of dollars annually, it's impossible to effectively discover the insights buried in that data. This puts most businesses at a disadvantage:

  • Very few people have the expertise required to perform analysis.
  • Small to medium-sized businesses can rarely afford the time or expense to build the infrastructure required or buy the tools.
  • Large companies centralize their data analysis leading to bottlenecks, delays, and incomplete results.
  • The majority of nontechnical roles have no meaningful quantitative insight into the results of their work.

At DataGPT, our aim is to close this intellectual divide. We are democratizing data, so that everyone, in every role, in every company, in every sector, in every country can instantly and simply make accurate data-driven decisions.

Sasha MacKinnon

Co-Founder & CEO

While building the mobile gaming company, Mino Games, the CEO, Sasha McKinnon, and CPO, Shane Sareli, experienced a common business problem; Despite spending tons of time and resources building an ETL, setting up countless dashboards, and having a team of multiple analysts, they still couldn’t get the quick answers to critical business questions.

In trying to find the reason why key metrics like revenue or conversions spiked or dropped, it was still impossible to get the complete answer in a reasonable amount of time, and hidden insights were missed.

After researching all the analytics solutions available, there was nothing that was solving this problem in an effective way, so they set out to do it themselves. A year later, the DataGPT algorithm was born.It was not long before fellow founders and business leaders were asking if they could access the algorithm to help them with the very same problem.

Today, the DataGPT team is working with countless organizations of all sizes helping them achieve the deepest level of insights.

Founding Story

Meet our Leadership Team

Sasha MacKinnon

Co-Founder & CEO

Darren Pegg

Co-Founder & CTO

Arina Vlasova

Chief of Staff

Brielle Perry

VP of Sales

Jessica Norman

VP of Business Dev.

Alex Samerev

VP of Engineering