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Join companies embracing the modern era of data analytics.

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Hi there, I’m DataGPT. Ask me anything about your data.
Hi there, I’m DataGPT. Ask me anything about your data.
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Join Companies embracing the modern era of data analytics

Unlock 15% revenue growth with DataGPT

Drive business outcomes and see an average quarterly ROI of 2,178%

DataGPT is the personal AI data assistant for every user in your organization. With instant analysis and answers in everyday language, you can make rapid, data-informed decisions and optimize growth metrics on a daily basis.

Our customers experience significant revenue growth and cost reduction, resulting in an average ROI of 2,178% per quarter.

Accelerate revenue growth

Save time & reduce costs

Build the most advanced data culture

Welcome to the new era of data analysis with DataGPT

Conversational AI Data Analyst

Analysis for every user

Ask DataGPT any data-related question and DataGPT will interpret the question and respond with a comprehensive answer supported by relevant visualizations.

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Core Analytics Engine

Analyst-grade answers to every question

Our core analytics engine carries out intricate analysis against all your data, whether that's checking every segment, identifying anomalies, detecting outliers, diving into funnel analytics, or conducting  robust comparative analysis, nothing is missed to reveal accurate results.

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AI Powered Onboarding Agent

Quick and easy setup to any data source

DataGPT can connect to any data source and the AI onboarding agent will automatically define and suggest the most relevant metrics and dimensions while guiding you through the setup process. Get up and running in minutes to start chatting with your data.

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Lightning Cache

Instant responses

Stop waiting days for answers with our Lightning Cache. Capable of processing millions of data points in the blink of an eye, it boosts query speeds 100x over current data warehouses and simultaneously cuts costs by up to 15x.

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Data Navigator

Freely explore your data

The Data Navigator allows any person on your team to freely analyze any part of your data with just a few clicks. View your key metrics’ performance and continuously drill down to investigate the details of what changed and why with complete accuracy.

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Welcome to the Modern Era of Data Analytics

From: Using current BI solutions

To: Using DataGPT

Writing SQL

Asking a Chatbot any data-related question

Manual data investigation

Automatic data analysis

Hundreds of dashboards

Single interface

Telling you only What happened

Uncovering Why it happened

Time intensive integrations

Automated data connection and deployment

Take your analytics to the next level with DataGPT


Writing SQL


Asking a Chatbot


Manual investigation


Automatic analysis


Hundreds of dashboards


A Single interface


What happened


Why it happened

Innovative, data driven companies use DataGPT every day

DataGPT leads the paradigm shift from traditional dashboards and complex reports to conversational analytics. This pivotal change, replacing specialized dashboards with an ‘ask me anything’ interface, empowers decision-makers directly. Our clients are ecstatic, transitioning from hours or days to mere seconds to access essential insights on demand

Stephen Drew

Chief AI Officer at RNL

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DataGPT has transformed the ease and speed in which I can use our data. Other BI and dashboard tools were just simply too complex and time intensive to get answers, but with DataGPT, it's like having a personal data analyst at my fingertips. I can finally answer not just what happened but why, without waiting hours or days for a new dashboard to be created.

Dan Calzone

Director of Growth at Plex

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DataGPT has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees us up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized.

Diego Alonso Delgado Cáceres

Data Lead at Mino Games

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DataGPT has totally transformed our analytics. We’re able to get answers instantly, that would take weeks of work from our BI tools. Almost everyone on the team uses it every day.

Ben-Zion Benkhin

CEO & Founder of Wombo

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