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Ask DataGPT a question and it will analyze billions of rows of data from every department - flight operations, sales, marketing, and supply chain -  and deliver analyst-quality answers in seconds.

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Hi there, I’m DataGPT. Ask me anything about your data.
Hi there, I’m DataGPT. Ask me anything about your data.
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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Conversational AI Driven Analysis

Redesign Your Pricing Strategy

Maximize your revenue with DataGPT's complete and effortless analysis of customer demand, seasonality, external events, and other pricing factors.

Eliminate Inventory Challenges

Make instant data-driven decisions for optimal resource allocation by understanding data on past guest behavior and reservations.

Optimize your Flight Operations

Through fast comprehensive analysis of route performance, passenger demand and fleet utilization, maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your airline’s network

Elevate Your Airline's Performance with Self Serve Analytics

Balancing the demands of constantly evolving passenger trends, intense competition, and striving for increased revenue while delivering exceptional travel experiences is no easy feat. The process of collecting and analyzing significant amounts of passenger, flight, and operational data can be both complex and time-consuming.

Enter DataGPT. Users can ask DataGPT questions, and it responds with expert level answers in seconds. Our proprietary algorithm uses advanced statistical methods to analyze your company’s data answering even complex questions like "How is our new pricing mode impacting bookings this week?" in seconds.  

"DataGPT feels like magic. I have never seen an analytics tool deliver the level of depth of insights so quickly and with such simplicity. Everyone on our team is now an analyst. I feel like we just tapped in to a massive competitive advantage in understanding and optimizing our business."

Ashley Higgins

CEO of Product Hunt

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